If you have a niggling worry about the performance of your car, don’t delay getting it checked. The professional auto care specialists at Auto Resolve can run thorough scanning and diagnostic checks on your vehicle to get to the root of the problem and fix it for you effectively and efficiently.



Complete vehicle diagnostics service

– Brake checks
– Engine diagnostics
– Electrical systems scanned
– Suspension performance
– Anti-theft mechanism tests
– Fuel system checks
– Advanced scanning software and more

Vehicle Diagnostics by the experts

– Dashboard warning lights
– Investigation of unusual noises
– ABS checks and repairs
– Gearboxes and clutches
– The latest vehicle diagnostic technology
– Quality services
– Well-trained engineers

Comprehensive Diagnostics

– Advanced PicoDiagnostics NVH Kit
– Engine health checks
– Detailed reports and fault finding
– Scan tools
– High-resolution data graphing
– OEM-specific coverage and more

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